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Aluminum Welding Applications

Aluminum Welding

What are the benefits for TIPTIG Alumnium in comparison to all other ARC processes

  • Highest quality
  • No pores or spatter
  • High deposit-high speed
  • Best mechanical and metallurgical properties
  • Less heat input
  • Less distorsion

TIPTIG Hand Aluminum Weld with 18SC ALU EDITION with 6m cable (Kemppi Snake Liner)

  • Wire: AlMg4,5Mn 5083 Ø 1,0mm
  • Current: 190A
  • Wire feed speed: 50 (Factor)
  • Travel speed: 40cm/min

TIPTIG Automation

  • Pipe Ø 200mm w/ 8mm Wall
  • Wire: AlMg5 1,2mm
  • Current: 350A
  • Wire feed speed: 75 (Factor)
  • Frequency: 120Hz
  • Balance: 0
  • Torch Oscillation: 3mm
  • Travel speed: 30cm/min